SmartBody SmartMind (SBSM) is a one-of-a-kind group online program that is for dedicated individuals who want profound healing and change that can last a lifetime, and which will also benefit future generations.

To learn, grow, heal, and succeed at the deepest level possible means working at the deepest level possible: the nervous system.

SmartBody SmartMind knocks it out of the mind-body healing park for those who join and do the work.

To date thousands of people from over 60 countries have ‘walked’ the virtual hallways of SBSM, and they are making remarkable progress in how they live, heal, parent, work, connect, love, and so much more.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

SmartBody SmartMind™ weaves together learning and practices from multiple revolutionary approaches.

Somatic Practice (the work of Kathy Kain), Somatic Experiencing (the work of Peter Levine), neurosequential healing (as written about by Norman Doidge), The Polyvagal Theory (as presented and discovered by Stephen Porges), and Feldenkraisian Learning (the work of Moshé Feldenkrais).

Unorthodox Healing Blueprint

Most people try to jump into healing at an advanced level without first doing the foundational work. 

I mean, imagine trying to paint a house or put furniture in it before a blueprint has been created or the foundation has been laid. Impossible, right? Healing trauma and restoring health back to the human body is NO different. 

We must start with the 'blueprint' first, that is what gives us the foundation.

34 Neurosensory Exercises  

These practical audio exercises tap into multiple layers of the body, brain and nervous system, while reconnecting you with the space around you (the environment). They have been crafted and recorded by Irene Lyon, and they blend her expertise in the somatic healing arts of Somatic Experiencing, Somatic Practice and Feldenkraisian learning.

The end result can be an enhanced level of self-awareness, and an embodied way of being with your stress physiology, that can put you back in the driver's seat of your body, mind, health, and life.  

The Biology of Stress Video Training Series

In order to truly transform the way your body handles stress, you need to understand how stress works.

This signature video training series contains five master class trainings that have completely revolutionized people's lives.

This 5-part video series can give you answers (and most importantly, hope!) by providing a solid biological explanation for a lot of the pain and angst that plagues so much of society today.  

Here’s how you’ll get the information

The program has 10 modules, called “Labs,” and are released weekly as we move through the 12 weeks that we are in the live session. The 12 weeks include 2 integration weeks along with the 10 Labs.

When we finish our 12-week time together, the entire program curriculum (training videos, practical exercises, replays of all Q&A calls, and more) remains housed on the program website for members to use throughout the year. 

While the program officially runs for 12 weeks, we are in active session for a full 14 weeks when orientation and wrap-up weeks are included.

10 Training Modules

Each module (or “lab,” as we like to call them) gives you a blend of education and practical exercises. Video trainings, readings, plus our signature audio ‘neurosensory’ exercises make up each module, and will start you off on your nervous system apprenticeship.

2 Integration/Rest Weeks

A note about the program content and pacing: this work is meant to be done slowly and over a long period of time, which is why everyone who joins becomes an alumni and receives lifetime access as long as the program runs.

Professional Support Team

I’m a huge believer in the power of community.

In the private members dashboard, you’re able to connect with other SmartBody SmartMind™ participants, people who are making the same journey as you, as well as my team of professional moderators.

8 Live Training Calls

Consider these calls your ‘lecture’ for the week! During these live training calls, you’ll be introduced to new nervous system concepts and fundamental theory for healing trauma and restoring regulation back to your nervous system.

All calls are recorded and put in the member area within 24-48 hours following the live call. So, even if you can’t attend every call live, you’ll still be able to tune in and benefit from the information shared.

Movement Lessons with Special Guest Teacher Elia Mrak
(Qigong, Tai Chi, and House Dance)

My colleague and co-teacher Elia Mrak will be providing a handful of movement lessons throughout the 12-week session, to help spark up connections between yourself and the space around you. These lessons will be experiential, and will involve movements that can be made adaptive to your abilities.

Check out this short video where I take you behind the scenes and explain how this online learning environment is organized.

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